The Solution and The Invitation. Video three.

If you watched the last two videos of The Four Columns of the Evangelistic Message, you will be able to sympathise with the students in our class.  After elaborating in detail about SIN, GUILT, JUDGEMENT and HELL, I called for a coffee break!  Nobody wanted coffee.  They wanted GOOD NEWS!

The Solution and The Invitation.

Today we conclude our series on this teaching with THE SOLUTION and THE INVITATION.  Pack-jammed full of good news, you will learn what Jesus did for you on the Cross and what you must do to receive eternal life.

If you want to take our Basic Training Course, we offer it for free online.  In the course we offer these videos, some reading material, tests and a bunch of homework that gets you out on the streets to put into practice evangelism.  We will help you become more effective at soul winning!

So let’s get to the Good News in today´s video.


Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save you.  Will you turn to Him and surrender your life to receive Salvation?

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Where will you spend Eternity?

The Consequence. Video two

Today you are receiving the second of a three-part video teaching.  During these weeks I am giving you a taste of our signature teaching here at ONTHEREDBOX.  It is called “The Four Columns of the Evangelistic Message”.

Last week we looked at the PROBLEM.  God has established the Law and if we want eternal life, we need to obey it.  The problem is that we have broken His commandments.

Take a look at our dreadful spiritual condition

Now we look at THE CONSEQUENCE of being a Law breaker.  It is not good.  The story goes from bad to worse.  It really IS a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

There is no good news in this video.  Yes, I understand that the GOSPEL means Good News.  However, first take a look at our dreadful spiritual condition. If you understand the BAD news first, then your chances of running to Christ for mercy will be much better!

The Good News comes in next week’s video when we talk about the Cross and forgiveness in Jesus!

Here is today’s video. Click

The Consequence. Where will you spend Eternity?

1.  What is the judgement like?

2.  What are heaven and hell like?

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We Have a Problem

Video number one

The greatest treasure we have at ONTHEREDBOX is the MESSAGE we preach.  All of our evangelism is built on the foundation of the Cross.

  • Music
  • Gospel tracts
  • Testimonies
  • Personal evangelism
  • Illustrated preaching

We have just finished recording the teaching entitled,  “The Four Columns of the Evangelistic Message.”  This teaching will soon be introduced into our Online School.  However, since you are my Blog Family, I want you to be the first to see the videos.  The teaching is divided into three videos which I will send to you over the next few weeks.

Video series. The Four Columns of the Evangelistic Message.

1.  The Problem.  Have you obeyed God’s Law? View
2.  The Consequence.  Where will you spend Eternity?
3.  The Solution.  Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save you.
4.  The Invitation.  Will you Turn and Surrender to Jesus to receive Salvation?

In today’s teaching, The Problem, a man asks Jesus what good thing he must do to inherit eternal life.  Jesus said, “Obey the commandments”.  As you watch this video, you will soon realize why there is a problem!

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Last week’s post: HELP US STAY IN THE CENTER OF MADRID. Give to our building project.

A way to give back

A Chance to Give Back

join me in something BIG!

Good morning from Madrid.  I want to thank you for being a part of the Ontheredbox family.  I know you signed up because of your desire to be more effective at winning the lost. I am convinced that the resources on our NETWORK have been a great help to you.

A way to give back

Today I wanted to give you a chance to join me in something BIG!

Our ministry center at Ontheredbox is located in the main square of Madrid.  We have been renting for 12 years.  A few months ago we had to make the decision to either BUY our facility or LEAVE.

We chose to purchase.

This is historic.  Now we will have a PERMANENT place for:

  • The Prayer House
  • Training Center
  • Coffee House
  • Daily Evangelism

We only have a few more months left to raise the funds to purchase.

I wanted to give you the chance to give back to Ontheredbox by giving an offering. Any amount will be a great blessing to this ministry.

Together we can make history.  Let’s keep Ontheredbox in the center of Madrid!

Follow the links to our giving page.  Keep up the good work of proclaiming the Gospel.

how to give



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Free online school

Basic Training Course is now free!

Ontheredbox is offering the online Basic Training Course for free. Our desire is to see open-air evangelists equipped and on the streets proclaiming salvation.  To accelerate this process, we want to offer this valuable course free of charge.  

Online School now open!

Even though we are offering the Basic Training Course free of charge, it is not free!  It will cost you dedication and hard work! If you hope to pass the final exam you will need to spend hours studying and even more time on the streets preaching Jesus. This course is designed to be accompanied with weekly evangelism on the streets.

What can you expect?  

1. The Basic Training Course has:

  • 15 e-books
  • 27 videos
  • 3 homework assignments
  • 8 exams.

2. The Final Exam determines if you pass or fail.  The test requires you to send us:

  • Your best video of an illustrated message.
  • Your testimony in 2 minutes.
  • A personal evangelism experience.

3.  A Diploma.  Upon completing satisfactorily the Basic Training Course you will receive a Diploma and will be upgraded from FRIEND to MEMBER on our NETWORK.  You will be joining a community of other “Redboxers” and will have access to MEMBER privileges. 

What’s next?

  • Sign up to be a FRIEND on the NETWORK for free, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Sign up for the free Basic Training Course.
  • Get started with the Basic Training Course, find a friend and go out and evangelize weekly.
  • Forward this information to a friend and spread the word about our free Basic Training!

Sign up for free!

Thanks for being part of the NETWORK!


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