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Basic Training Course is now free!

Ontheredbox is offering the online Basic Training Course for free. Our desire is to see open-air evangelists equipped and on the streets proclaiming salvation.  To accelerate this process, we want to offer this valuable course free of charge.  

Online School now open!

Even though we are offering the Basic Training Course free of charge, it is not free!  It will cost you dedication and hard work! If you hope to pass the final exam you will need to spend hours studying and even more time on the streets preaching Jesus. This course is designed to be accompanied with weekly evangelism on the streets.

What can you expect?  

1. The Basic Training Course has:

  • 15 e-books
  • 27 videos
  • 3 homework assignments
  • 8 exams.

2. The Final Exam determines if you pass or fail.  The test requires you to send us:

  • Your best video of an illustrated message.
  • Your testimony in 2 minutes.
  • A personal evangelism experience.

3.  A Diploma.  Upon completing satisfactorily the Basic Training Course you will receive a Diploma and will be upgraded from FRIEND to MEMBER on our NETWORK.  You will be joining a community of other “Redboxers” and will have access to MEMBER privileges. 

What’s next?

  • Sign up to be a FRIEND on the NETWORK for free, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Sign up for the free Basic Training Course.
  • Get started with the Basic Training Course, find a friend and go out and evangelize weekly.
  • Forward this information to a friend and spread the word about our free Basic Training!

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10 Benefits for the soul-winner

What our leaders said

A question I hear at Ontheredbox is, “I wonder who benefits more when I evangelize, me or the person I am talking to?” To be sure, there is nothing greater than getting your name in the Book of Life!  I asked our 25 leaders the top benefits of weekly prayer and evangelism.  Here is their list.

10 Benefits – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

  1. Joy.  When God moves in evangelism I am filled with joy.  I feel a party explode in my heart when a sinner repents from their sin.
  2. Blessed.  When I am obedient to going into all the world, I just feel blessed.
  3. Life.  Being on the street and witnessing is like an injection of Spiritual Life into my system.
  4. Spiritual growth.  Doing evangelism every week keeps me close to Jesus and the fire burning.  My passion for God grows.
  5. Revelation.  Preaching the cross helps me to better understand what Jesus did for me.  The revelation increases the more I evangelize.
  6. Compassion.  Just talking with people on the street, I see my love and compassion for the lost grow.
  7. Fluency.  I grow in my ability to communicate the gospel message.  It used to be hard, now I feel fluent.
  8. Fervent in prayer.  The more I evangelize the more I realize I cannot do it and must have the Holy Spirit.  It keeps me praying.
  9. Faith.  My faith grows as I see God continually at work and answering our prayers.
  10. Smile of God.  I sense the smile of God just knowing I am fulfilling the great commission.
Make this list grow!  Drop me a note and let me know all the benefits you receive by winning souls.
If you are not talking to people every week about their soul, look at all you are missing out on!  I encourage you to join up with an evangelism team in your church or maybe start one yourself.
Perhaps you would like to take our free Basic Training course to better prepare yourself.  Or you can read our materials online when you sign up for the NETWORK.
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Four resources you don’t want to miss

and all for free

The team at Ontheredbox loves to provide materials to help you in the areas of prayer and evangelism.  If you proclaim the Gospel, you will pray.  When you pray, the fruit will be a desire to evangelize.  As a coin has two sides or a bird two wings, so prayer and evangelism go together.

Here is a list of resources you might have missed.

Ontheredbox NETWORK
Signing up for the FRIEND membership. It is free and you will have access to dozens of videos and ebooks to help be more effective in evangelism.

The 31 day Prayer Challenge
Andrew Murray wrote over 120 books and most of them on the devotional life.  In this one-month free course, you will receive a daily email teaching you how to intercede more effectively.  You will love this course!

Ontheredbox BLOG
Every week I will send you a short article about prayer or evangelism.  I know how challenging it can be to be on the street doing evangelism and my blog aims to encourage you and help you become more effective at proclaiming the Gospel.

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Behind Closed Doors* is an allegory that gives crisp imagery to powerful dark forces that wear a pretty face. It’s the story of a man’s longtime entanglement with pornography. Jack was helpless in part because the power of lust was multiplied three-fold by its other companions.

Have the materials Ontheredbox offers been a help to you? Forward this on to your friends that love to do evangelism!

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Twenty Euros to Shut Up

That was the offer

A young lady in our ministry was preaching the Good News with all her heart.  “Jesus loves you so much he was willing to die for you…”  A man walks by and screams… “I will give you 20€ if you will stop preaching!”

I will pay you to stop preaching

I got to thinking about how much the rich man in hell would be willing to pay to get another chance to respond to the Gospel. (Luke 16)  Or for that matter, what every soul in hell would give to hear this preaching and be given just one more opportunity to repent and believe.

  • I wonder if the people in Noah’s time offered that preacher of righteousness money to stop preaching?  
  • The authorities told the Apostles to stop preaching or they would be whipped and imprisoned.  They didn’t stop.
  • The Israelites wanted Jeremiah to stop preaching.  They threw him in a well.  Yet when he was rescued, he kept preaching.

You may not like to hear my voice calling out in the main square.  I realize it goes against culture.  I know it is invasive on a quiet afternoon walk.  I understand it must sound annoying.  I can’t help but feel though,  that if you lose your soul in the end, I don’t want it to be because you heard no voice ringing through the streets calling you to Christ.

For those of you that lift your voice, let me encourage you with this. There are two that love to hear your voice.

  1. The one who through the preaching comes to know Christ and as a result, have their name in the Book of Life. 
  2. The One that was nailed to a tree and took the punishment so that “whoever will” might have Life. 

By the way, our gal did not accept the money. 

jacob bock