The Tour of Spain!

The ministry at ONTHEREDBOX is doing a Tour of all 52 provinces of Spain to preach the message of the Cross and to train the local churches in evangelism.

What is an evangelistic video?

We are producing short films for each of the 52 provinces of Spain. The message of the Gospel is embedded in the culture all over Spain. We are going to discover it and then produce a short film to use in evangelizing Spain.


An artist is drawing a picture of something notable for every province.

  • We will then make a postcard of the picture.

  • Next we print and evangelistic message on the back.

  • Finally we add a QR code which leads to the evangelistic video!

What's the big idea?

The idea is to go to the four corners of Spain in the next three years and cover it with the Gospel in every possible way. Besides training the church in evangelism and spreading the Gospel,, we believe it will also be a time of HARVEST.

How can I participate?

We would love for you to pray for this massive project. The kingdom of darkness is not excited about our invasion. But the Kingdom of light will win. We need your prayers.

You can give toward the Tour.

You can also help us with an offering by adopting a province or giving a one-time offering.

Click on the video below to hear about the Tour

Thanks for joining us!

jacob bock

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