Face to face with death!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

500 years ago a Spanish artist by the name of Ignacio Ries painted a huge oil on canvas and called it THE TREE OF LIFE.

He wanted to explain the Gospel and leave something after his death that would keep on preaching.

We discovered the painting at the cathedral in Segovia, Spain! 

So we made an evangelistic video AND decided we would pick up the torch and keep evangelizing with the painting - 500 years later.

What a great way to explain the Gospel. I subtitled the video in English.

Oh, and if you are wondering what the phrases say in Spanish up the the top corners:

Look, one day you will die Look, you don't know when Look, God is looking at you Look, He is watching you

When you watch the video, please consider SUBSCRIBING to the YouTube channel "Ontheredbox Films"

By doing so, we get rewarded by youtube and they begin to promote our videos for FREE. As this is an evangelistic video, this is something you can do to help us evangelize!


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